This is a Cortex big.LITTLE (A15/A7) system using the AXI fabric with memory and IO subsystems constructed in SoC Designer Plus using models from Carbon IP Exchange. It performs a sorting algorithm written in C with complete system initialization code in ARM assembly. The source code is included. This is a basic hardware and software system that can extend to serve as a starting point for your virtual prototype. This virtual prototype also incorporates ARM’s RealView Debugger and Carbon’s SoC Designer Plus’ profiling tools.

IP used in this Platform:

  • ARM big.LITTLE
  • ARM GIC-400
  • ARM Cortex A7
  • ARM Cortex A15
  • ARM NIC-301
  • ARM PL011
  • ARM CCI-400
Name OS Instructions Compatable With
(CMS / SoCD)
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All Untar and see README.TXT for further information 5.16.0 / 7.14.0